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LEAF Tax provides customized tax services that enable companies and CPAs to find tax credits for Research and Development efforts.

Some tax credits expire on October 15th! Call Us today to see what you can save.

What do we do here at LEAF?

Learn More about Research and Development tax credits and how they can benefit your company with a free consultation with an R&D tax credit expert.

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Money Does Grow On Research

The US government makes billions of dollars in tax credits available to businesses that innovate with the goal of improving technology. This allows companies to reduce past and future taxes, including payroll and income tax.

Stop Missing Valuable Tax Credits

Our tools can help you easily find out if you qualify for tax credits. Try the Tax Credit Estimating Tool or the Tax Credit Payroll Estimating Tool.

A Game-Changer
For Companies

Your company is a force for change that’s built to help people. LEAF CPA is built to help you by putting the money you spend on Research and Development where it belongs: back into your company.

R&D Tax Law is complex though, and you may not be aware of recent changes that can benefit your company. Make the most of your innovation with our help.

for CPAs

Let’s not kid ourselves—an R&D Tax Credit Study is exhausting. It takes time to research the Internal Revenue Code, state requirements, and everything else involved in the process.

Working with an R&D Tax Credit Specialist changes the game and allows us to work as ONE TEAM. You don’t have to worry about competition or stolen clients, because we’re on your side from start to finish. Join a partnership that saves you time and your clients’ money!

Meet Adam Farnsworth

CEO of LEAF Specialty Tax Consultants

Adam’s passion for helping small businesses comes from his extensive work in the tax industry. His unique skill set for research and development tax law inspired him to create LEAF—so he can help companies like yours continue to change the world.

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Proud member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants & the Utah Associations of CPAs.

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What are R&D Tax Credits?

Taxation is theft! As business owners, you invest your time, energy, and money into making a business grow, only to see 20, 30, or 40+…